Molecular Imaging Core

Overview of Services

The Molecular Imaging Core provides comprehensive services for non-invasive imaging with a 7 Tm Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) and a MicroPET (Positron Emission Tomography). These instruments can be used to image small animals, biological tissues, phantoms, appendages of human subjects, and many other samples. An on-site cyclotron and a fully staffed radiochemistry laboratory provide a wide range of standard radiolabeled PET imaging probes and can help develop and produce custom probes.

• Consultation on development of imaging protocol(s) – the Core has basic PET and MRI protocols that can be customized to meet each investigator’s needs. Master Research Agreements with Philips and Siemens expands the Core’s imaging expertise. The same imaging protocols used in the Clinic can be done on animals with the Core’s equipment, making the Core a valuable translational research tool.
• Assistance with Experimental Design
• IACUC submission(s) assistance
• Assistance with developing experimental, animal models or fee-for-service surgery etc. to prepare animals for your experiments
• Animal preparation and monitoring prior to and during imaging
• Image Analysis Laboratory - equipped for computer-based, quantitative analyses of images obtained with the 7 T MRI and MicroPET; and for images obtained with other devices at UAMS (VisualSonics, IVIS, etc.)



Michael Borrelli, Ph.D., Director
Department of Radiology
UAMS College of Medicine
Office: 501-526-5897
Lab: 501-526-6147
Cell: 501-766-0939

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


9 AM until 6 PM

Monday - Friday 

Services can be available 24/7 to accommodate experimental needs


 Basement of Walker Tower


Rooms B8, B9, B10 and B11

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Michael Borrelli

Laura Bernock