Overview of Services

Helen L. Porter and James T. Dyke Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC)
The BIRC provides multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition, processing and analysis approaches to explore the neuroscience of human behavior in healthy and patient populations. The UAMS BIRC is a dedicated human neuroimaging research resource within PRI.
• Visual stimulus projection
• Psychophysiological monitoring
• Response acquisition
• Constant visual and auditory contact with subject
• Wide range of MR imaging sequences to support T1, T2, T2*, diffusion tensor/spectrum imaging, and magnetization transfer imaging


Clint Kilts PhD
Wilbur Mills Professor and Director, Brain Imaging Research Center

Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

1pm to 5pm M-F  

  Ground floor - PRI

Links and Resources

  1. BIRC Webpage


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jan Hollenberg
Program Manager
(501) 526-8321

Andy James

(501) 526-8345